PTO Winter 2003 Newsletter
Volume II Issue No. 2 December 2003
Publisher: Sacred Heart School Editor: Sister Ann Marie Ghiloni Copy Chief: Ann Doyle Production: Stephanie Ptak

Upcoming Events:
Santa's Secret Workshop: 3,4,5th
Craft Night: 9th
Christmas Pageant: 14th at 6:30 @ Church of Presidents
Pizza Day: 17th
Christmas Concert: 17th at 1:00 pm
Christmas Vacation: Dec 20--Jan 2

Principal's Desk
Dear Friends,

We are beginning our waiting time in the Church year. Advent is a joyful time of waiting and expectation. It is a time for us to sit quietly for a few moments and just pray, "Come, Lord Jesus, come." Our expectation is the Lord Jesus filling our heart with the peace and love that came to Mary, Joseph and the shepherds that first Christmas night.

I am grateful to you for being a member of our school community. As parents, you are the primary educators. Our dedicated faculty and staff continue the education you have begun. We are blessed to have a faculty and staff who show care and concern for each student. It is by working together that we strengthen the lines of communication and share the value of a good education.

May you be blessed this Christmas season with the joy, peace and love of the new born king.

Sister Ann Marie

PTO Corner
Kellie Pacheco of Sacred Heart won an honorable mention in the annual holiday poster contest. Her poster can now be seen in the lobby near the Children's Room at the Thomas Crane Library on Washington Street.

December 9th Craft Night. Participants will be able to create a wreath or a centerpiece (or both). The sign up form will be going out very soon. There will be refreshments and raffles ant the craft night too.

A thank you to all the students who contribute to this edition of Sacred Heart News, especially those in grades 3,4, and 6. You make the newsletter! You wrote about holidays, heroes, books, movies and after-school activities. It made for great reading.

Read on.

When I'm not in school I...
"do my homework. Then I have a snack. Then I call for my friend to play. Then I have supper."
Daniel OBrien, Grade 3, Room 9

"do lots of extra homework so I can get better grades. On the weekends I play soccer. I also go to my friend's house to play. I visit with my grandpa on Saturdays."
Edward Schroth, Grade 4

"sometimes play hockey with my roller blades or I play with my friends. I mostly play on my PS2."
Zachary Walsh, Grade 3, Room 9

"usually play with my brother and sisters. If not, I'm with friends. I also like helping my mom, and sometimes we cook together. I really enjoy my sporting activities, like hockey and soccer. On Saturday we usually rent a movie and have pizza. On Sunday we hang out and relax and I catch up on my reading. I say hello to grandmothers over the phone. They live in Europe. Time goes quickly when you're not in school.
Sean Patrick Hannon, Grade 3, Room 9

"go to Irish step dance on Saturday at 11 to 12 o'clock and Chinese language on Saturday afternoon. Then Sunday 9 to 10, I go to church and sing in the choir."
Julianna Horgan, Grade 3, Room 9

"go to my cousin's house. I play with his two dogs. My sister is afraid of Scott's dogs. I like them a lot. I have fun with the dogs almost everyday. Then I go home when I'm done playing with the dogs."
Tiffany Leung, Grade 3, Room 9

"have a lot of activities because we have to do homework, eat dinner and read. Usually we play for two hours. We like to play tag, baseball, hockey and basketball."
Ryan Martin, Grade 3, Room 9

"go to after-school. I play lots of games. At five o'clock I go home. Then I do my homework. I read a book. I go to bed. Then I go to school again."
Toni Oakley, Grade 3, Room 9

"help my mom with my twin brothers. On Saturday I take Irish step dancing. I love spelling in grade 3."
Erin Healy, Grade 3, Room 9

In my opinion:
"I think after-school programs are a good idea. It is good for the children that have moms and dads that work all day. The children probably have lots of fun with the other kids."
Daniel Gould, Grade 3, Room 9

"My heroes are my dad, my grandmother and my mom. When I fall, my mom puts a bandage on my cut. My dad is always around to help me with all my problems. These people are my heroes because they're my family and they're always there for me."
Anthony Janeiro, Grade 4

"My dream day would be to go shopping and buy whatever I want. Then I would go to New York and see a Broadway show. Then I'd take all my friends and family in a huge limo for a ride. After that, I'd go to a ranch and ride a beautiful horse. Then I'd like to go to a salon. After that I would go home and take a nice long nap."
Camden Ciulla, Grade 4

Looking at the moon:
In 1969 Neil Armstrong and other men went to the moon. They risked their lives to find the moon. The moon has moondust, seas , an ocean of storms. The moon is a satellite for the Earth. The moon has no light of its own. The sun gives it the light.
Abigail Yotts, Grade 3, Room 9

Scenes from sixth grade:
Science: "We learned about density and how to mass objects."
Math: "Properties of addition and multiplication. Annual pumpkin estimation projects."
Social Studies: "We created map projections with oranges. We used modeling clay to create artifacts."

Antonietta Ghini, a fourth grader from Italy, returned to Italy with her family this month to live. Here is her letter:
"I want to thank Sacred Heart School for all the things that they taught me. They helped me to learn more English. They helped me to make more friends, to learn more things and to respect everybody. I thank Sacred Heart School."

Holiday traditions:
"On the holidays we visit our relatives. We go to our 4 grandma's house or my Uncle John's house. That's how we celebrate the holidays with family."
Jaime Anton, Grade 3, Room 9

"On Thanksgiving my relatives come over and we have a big turkey dinner. And after we have a nice piece of cake. And then we watch a Thanksgiving movie about Native Americans."
Devon Croke, Grade 3, Room 9

"My family likes to have a big dinner every holiday. We always have turkey on Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving we go to my Uncle Charlie's house. On Christmas about 25 people come to my house."
Patrick Gould, Grade 3, Room 9 4

"On Thanksgiving Day my family and I drive down to my Nana and Papa's house. Everyone on my mom's side of the family is there. The reason my dad's family isn't there is because they live in Ireland." When we go to Nana and Papa's house, everyone pitches in with the food. My family always makes the turkey and my nana makes yummy stuffing. After we eat, we have a football game. For the best player, there's even a trophy."
Siobhan Deasy, Grade 4

"On holidays my family usually gets together at my aunt or uncle's house. We all sit together and we eat, play games and have fun. We also talk together and play sports. I just think it's fun to be with your family."
Gregory Ly, Grade 4

Book Reviews:
"My favorite book is the Captain Underpants series. I like it because it is funny and Captain Underpants saves the day all the time. It is cool and it's nice and long. It is a chapter book and you should read this book so you can have fun with the captain."
Michael Alibrandi, Grade 3, Room 9

"My favorite books are the Magic Tree House books because they solve problems when you are in trouble. They are all interesting."
Connie Tsan, Grade 3, Room 9

"My favorite book is "Captain Underpants and the Wrath of the Wicked Wedgie Woman." I read it after school and it was fun to read."
Christopher Andrews, Grade 3, Room 9

"One Eye Laughing The Other Weeping: The Diary of Julie Weiss by Barry Deneburg," is my favorite book ever! It has all of the great things in a book like action, adventure, comedy and it is well-written."
Jacquelyn Jakas, Grade 3, Room 9

Sixth-graders rated the following books "great" reading:

"Babe Ruth"
"Mickey & Me" "Hatchet"
"Judy Moody" "Anastia has the Answers" "Harry Houdini"
"A Life you Imagined" "Can't Hurt Forever"

Two students said their favorite book was "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix:

" "It is really good. It takes you on an adventure. It's great!"
Peter Jensen, Grade 3, Room 9

"I love Harry Potter books. They are so good. I would give this book ten stars."
Michael Maranian, Grade 4