Sacred Heart School
Drama Club

The Christmas Toyshop

It is nighttime in a small town somewhere, not too long ago, on December 23rd.  We hear sounds of sleigh bells and elfin voices.  Overnight, an empty storefront magically turns into a toyshop.

The next morning, the new toyshop draws the attention of the curious townspeople.  The store proprietor, “Nicholas S. Claus” and his assistant Nix
reach out to make friends with some of the people of the town.  Claus befriends two young orphans, Michael and Jennifer.  They work in the toyshop on Christmas Eve day to earn a present for each other.

Michael and Jennifer sneak back into the shop on Christmas Eve to check out some odd things they noticed; a large map of the world, long lists of names, and strange animals living in the stable.  While they are in the toyshop, the toys come to life and talk with each other!

Claus appears in a red, fur trimmed suit, and hat.  Nix helps Claus pack the sleigh with toys and hitch the reindeer to the sleigh.  With a final “Ho Ho Ho” Claus flies into the night sky, but not before he leaves a very special gift for Michael and Jennifer. 

Produced by special arrangement with CLASSICS ON STAGE! of Chicago


Photos left to right: The cast taking a well deserved rest, elf choir waiting to sing their next number, Trudi, Jack, and Nix

Photos left to right: General La Bouche Lafitte and Nicholas S. Claus, Mrs. Wellington and her children Wilhelmina and Wilbur Wellington,
Trudi, Jack in the Box, and Nix

Photos left to right: General La Bouche Lafitte and Nix, Jennifer and Nicholas S. Claus, one of Santa's special presents!

Sacred Heart School Drama Club

A school wide contest was held to design the play program cover. More than 60 students took part in the contest, submitting very creative and colorful entries. Faculty, staff, and students voted on the winning cover design.