Sacred Heart School and Parish
Adiministration, Faculty and Staff
2007 - 2008

Mrs. Katherine Hunter
Mrs. Maureen Yotts
Mrs. Kathee Swann
Administrative Assistant
Office Assistant
Ms. Eileen Donoghue
Mrs. Denise Medeiros
Mrs. Lorraine Squatrito
Mrs. Elke Scanlan
Ms. Mary Langrill
Mrs. Denise Castelli
Ms. Kathleen Cornyn
Ms. Colleen Stevenson
Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
Pre-Kindergarten Aide
Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
Pre-Kindergarten Aide
Kindergarten Teacher
Kindergarten Aide
Kindergarten Teacher
Kindergarten Aide
Mrs. Jill DiTomaso
Ms. Elizabeth Gibbons
Mrs. Pamela Toto
Mrs. Margaret Hanna
Mrs. Anita Wool
Mrs. Patricia McGowan
Mrs. Linda Raneri
Mrs. Patricia Peck
Mrs. Carmela O’Connell  
Grade 1 Room 5
Grade 1 Room 6
Grade 2 Room 11
Grade 3 Room 10
Grade 3 Room 10 Aide
Grade 4 Room 8
Grade 4 Room 16
Grade 5 Room 13
Grade 5 Room 14
Mrs. Christine Norris
Mrs. Cynthia Riley
Ms. Catherine Murphy
Mrs. Dianne Piscatelli
Mr. Larry Shea
Mrs. Marie Gibbons
Mrs. Maria Mayobre
Middle School Literature
Middle School Art and Religion
Middle School Science
Middle School English
Middle School Mathematics
Middle School Social Studies
Middle School Spanish
Ms. Jillian Hogan
Ms. Elaine McCarthy
R & R Technology
Music - Grades 4 through 8
Music - Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 3
Physical Education
Computer Grades 2 through 8
Mrs. Fran McGillicuddy
Dr. Joanne McCarthy
Sr. Mary Joan Lofgren, C.S.J.
Librarian/Resource Teacher
Reading Specialist
Mrs. Janice Hines
Mrs. Lynn Basile
Lunch Program Coordinator
Director of Food Preparation
Ms. Catherine Murphy
Mrs. Viktoria Miller
Director of Extended Day Program
Assistant Extended Day Program
Mr. Robert Barretto Custodian

Parish Staff

Very Rev. John W. O'Brien
Rev. James McGowan
Rev. Mr. John Salenius
Parochial Vicar
Permanent Deacon
Mrs. Arlene Dooley
Mr. Howard Lotis
Mr. Paul Hines, Esq.
Tuition Officer
Music Director
Properties Manager
Mrs. Marjory O'Day
Mrs. Michele Glennon
Director of Religious Education
Religious Education Secretary

Phone Numbers and Other Contact Information

Sacred Heart Parish Rectory
[email protected]
Sacred Heart School Office
Sacred Heart Tuition Office
Sacred Heart School Fax
Sacred Heart Extended Day Program
[email protected]
Sacred Heart Religious Education Office 617-328-0014


 A Roman Catholic community walking together in faith, worship, education, and service