Sacred Heart School

On January 20, 1948, a fire destroyed Sacred Heart Church.  This postponed the dream of building a parish school.  However, once the restoration of the church was complete, Monsignor Gifford began to plan the building of Sacred Heart School.

The Sisters of Saint Joseph of Boston agreed to staff the school in September 1957.  In 1959, land was purchased and the building began.  Monsignor Gifford laid the cornerstone on June 19, 1961, the day of his 50th anniversary of ordination.  On September 6, 1961, the New Sacred Heart School with twenty-five classrooms was opened for three first grade classes with an enrollment of one hundred twenty-nine students.

Each year three classes were added.  The first graduating class was June 1969. 

In 1974, the parishioners of Sacred Heart Parish reaffirmed their commitment to the parochial school.  A Parent-Teacher Organization was formed to assist the school as volunteers and to join with other parish organizations to raise funds.

The year 1989 was to see another change at Sacred Heart School.  The parishioners were surveyed about the need for a Kindergarten class at Sacred Heart School.  The response was a positive one.  A Full-Day Kindergarten class and a Morning Kindergarten class were opened in September 1989.  In 1992, a second Full-Day Kindergarten class was added.  In 2004, a Pre-Kindergarten class for 4 year olds was added in response to a need from within the community. Due to the large number of students on a waiting list in 2004, a second Pre-Kindergarten class was added the following year.

An Extended Day program was started in 2000 for students in grades Pre - Kindergarten through Grade Five.  This program provides the opportunity for students to stay in the same warm, caring environment until a family member is able to pick them up.  The program provides recreation time, activity time, and homework time.

A change in the demographics of North Quincy has seen Sacred Heart School welcome students of many ethnic cultures and religious backgrounds.  This has helped in educating the students for the multicultural world in which they live and in which they will be working in the 21st century.

Sacred Heart School building is utilized by: parish organizations, Girl Scouts, Chinese Language School, Philippine Dance Company of Boston, Quincy Choral Society, Sacred Heart Parish and community groups.  This reflects the commitment on the part of the parishioners to be of service to the community by providing a well-maintained structure for the use of these groups.

Sacred Heart School is a school dedicated to leadership through service as evidenced by all who enter and are welcomed to be part of a vibrant community.

Sacred Heart School
Accredited by the New England Association of
Schools and Colleges

Founded in 1885, NEASC is the nation's oldest regional accrediting association whose mission is
the establishment and maintenance of high standards for all levels of education,
from pre-kindergarten to the doctoral level.

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