Sacred Heart School
Service Commitment Program

The Sacred Heart Family Commitment Program is designed to support the many activities and events that make Sacred Heart School a vibrant and lively community.   It is also designed to provide sufficient parent support to the Bingo program, which provides over $200,000 annually to the budget of our school.  Bingo generates enough income to reducethe cost of tuition by $575 per student.   Because every family receives the benefit of the Bingo subsidy and the benefit ofother fundraising activities, it is very important that every family supports the school through service and fundraising.

In this family commitment program, each family commits to both Service hours and to fundraising activities.   Many different activities qualify as service hours.   Families also have the option to pay a fee instead of doing service hours or fundraising.

This program was instituted by the Sacred Heart School Advisory Board in 2003 under the direction of Father O’Brien and the school administration.  This program is in its fourth year and has the support of Mrs. Katherine Hunter, Sacred Heart School’s Principal, Father O’Brien, the Pastor, the School Advisory Board and the Parish Finance Council.  Sacred Heart School’s Parent and Teacher Organization (PTO) has been involved in the program’s implementation and development as well.   Various administrative tasks of this program (such as recording the hours spent in service to the school and producing reports to the parents) are handled by Sacred Heart School’s PTO.  The School Advisory Board is responsible for creating the policies that guide this program.  Mrs. Hunter is responsible for reviewing and granting any exemptions to this program.  Any request for an exemption to this program must be made in writing and addressed to Mrs. Hunter.  All such requests will be kept confidential.

The program is designed to honor the many different types of service and talent provided by Sacred Heart families.  It is also designed to insure that the burdens of fundraising, event planning, and every day service to the school are shared equitably.

The Service Commitment is 40 hours 
Families that currently meet their commitment:

Families that have met their commitment for this school year will not have to pay the $300 commitment fee.   This fee is waived.  If the families continue to meet their service commitment in subsequent years, the fee will continue to be waived.  The fee will be due only if the family does not fulfill the service commitment.

New Families or those that have not met their service commitment for this year:

A $300 Service Commitment Fee will be required for new families or current families who have not met their 2007 - 2008 service commitment.  This fee may be assessed through the FACTS tuition program.  If a family is not using the FACTS program, the $300 fee must be paid in full by June 26th, 2008.   If a family fulfills the 40 hour service commitment during the year (which runs from July 1st, 2008 through June 30, 2009) then the $300 fee initially paid will be credited to the following year’s service commitment fee.  If you meet your service obligation, you will only have to pay this fee once.  When the student graduates or transfers from the school, if the service commitment has been fulfilled, the $300.00 fee will be refunded.  If you do not meet your service obligation, the service commitment fee will be assessed every year.

Bingo Service Options

Every hour worked at Bingo will count as two hours. This preserves the incentive to parents to work at Bingo. Bingo workers are needed Mondays from 5:30 PM through 11:00 PM.   Bingo hours can be worked in two or five hour shifts.  Parents who want to work Bingo need to complete the bingo sign up forms and return them to the school.   The Bingo schedule runs from July 1st, 2008 to June 30th, 2009.

Fundraising Options:

All families are expected to participate in the school fundraisers.    Families can choose to participate in fundraising or pay a fee.

1.  Participation in fundraising is defined as:

- Participate in the fall fundraiser: sell a minimum of $50.00 per child or pay $25.00 per child activity fee.
- Sell at least one Catholic Women's Club Booklet of chances for the school drawing.  (One booklet is $10.00)
- Sell at least 10 calendars for the Spring Calendar Sale.

2.  Pay a fee of $150 instead of participating in the above-mentioned fundraisers. 


Bingo Hours are worked on Monday nights at Sacred Heart Bingo.   There are a variety of positions, such as selling tickets, calling numbers, making coffee, cleanup.  Hours can be worked in two or five-hour increments.

Service Hours are hours spent volunteering at the school in a variety of positions.  Examples include (but are not limited to):  lunch duty, office help, being a PTO officer, translating documents, coaching a school sports team, organizing after school clubs, etc.   Your ideas for other projects are most welcome.

Additional Important Program Information
Attendance Policy for Bingo:

Once the Bingo schedule is complete (June 2008 for existing Sacred Heart families, September 2008 for new families), all parents who chose Bingo as their service commitment will be notified of their assigned dates.  It is your responsibility to attend Bingo on those dates whether you receive a reminder call or not.  In the event an illness or other emergency prevents you from attending on your assigned Bingo date, it is your responsibility to make up that time at the earliest possible date.


Forms will be sent out to parents to select their assignments.  We will attempt to assign everyone as requested. Ten lunch mothers are needed every day.  In the event more than two people indicate they would like to be a PTO officer, elections will be held.  There are many non-PTO associated jobs that can be done to meet the family commitment as well.  Examples include organizing and coaching sports teams, volunteering with after school clubs and organizing the Spring Calendar Sale. If you have a suggestion for other activities that would benefit the school, please do not hesitate to speak to the principal about them.

Signing In/Signing Out:
Volunteers are responsible for signing in/out on the attendance sheets provided. In order to assist those who are tracking volunteer hours, please remember to sign in the day that you are volunteering for Bingo or other school event.

Bingo and Service Hour Tracking:
Reports will go out to parents and guardians at least twice a year:  in January and in June detailing the hours they have served.  Parents or guardians may request updates at other times. 

We remain grateful for your continued support of Sacred Heart School.


Father O’Brien                                    Katherine Hunter                              Cindy Brandi
Pastor                                                  Principal                                            Service Program Coordinator
Sacred Heart Church                          Sacred Heart School

There are many activities that qualify as Service to Sacred Heart School.   

Bingo:  Bingo provides over $200,000 annually to the school.   Volunteers are needed for two hours once a month or five hours four times a year.  Bingo games take place on Monday nights in the school cafeteria between 5:30 and 11:00 PM.   All Bingo rooms are non-smoking.  Start times vary for those who chose the two-hour sessions.   Start time is 5:30 for all who chose the five-hour sessions.

PTO Committee Chairpersons:  Chairpersons or dedicated members who plan on spending at least 30 hours working/planning some of the schools largest events. Hours will be tracked by committee chairpersons.  Families are expected to contribute 40 hours to the school, through this and other events/activities.  No Bingo hours are required if you are leading or a significant contributor to the planning and execution of these events.

Special Services:   Painting classrooms, wiring or re-wiring as needed, or other technical or creative assistance are other ways to improve our school environment.   We are now creating a list of persons with such talents and licenses who would be available for such services as the need arises throughout the school year.  

Lunch Parents:   Volunteers assist in serving hot lunches Monday through Friday.   They assist children in the lunchroom and monitor recess in the schoolyard.  Lunch parents are needed every day.  Parents would volunteer for one day a week throughout the school year.

Organize Extracurricular Activities/After School Clubs:   Would you like to coordinate an extra curricular activity such as an art program, a science club, chess team, a student newspaper or a drama club?  If you have other ides, they would be welcome too. We would like to explore offering additional enrichment programs for students.    Coordinators are needed before we can assess interest and create programs.  

Yearbook:   Are you creative?  Would you like to help organize the school’s yearbook?  This would involve sorting pictures, working on the layout and other tasks with creating the yearbook.

Fall Fundraiser Committee:   The School Fall Fundraiser is one of the three mandatory fundraisers.  (This is not a PTO fundraiser).  This fundraiser is used to offset the cost of enrichment programs.  Volunteers are needed to organize all aspects of this important fundraiser.

Spring Calendar Sale Committee:   The spring calendar sale usually provides over $20,000 annually for the purchase of computers and other technology.  This is a School fundraiser (not a PTO fundraiser) and one of the three mandatory fundraisers.  Volunteers are needed to organize all aspects of this important fundraiser.   

Office Help:   Parents are needed every morning to copy papers for teachers and notices for the school community.  This is usually done between 7:50 and 8:30 AM.   Parents would volunteer for one day a week for the school year.

Translating forms and notices:   We would like to continue sending some forms and notices home translated into Chinese.  A volunteer is needed who could provide written translation from English to Chinese.

Other:  Your ideas for fulfilling the service commitment are welcome.  Please attach a letter or note describing your proposal for fulfilling your service hours.  All proposals need to be reviewed and approved by Mrs. Hunter, the principal.

Pay $300 to opt out of all service hour requirements.   If you chose this option, please send in a check for $300 with your form.  


 Service Commitment Sign-up Sheet.pdf