Sacred Heart School

Uniform Regulations for School Year 2003-2004

All students will wear navy blue slacks and sneakers. Boys wear a maroon knit shirt and the girls wear a white round collar blouse. Slacks, shirts, and blouses are purchased from Donnelly's. Ankle socks or knee socks are worn at all times. Shirts and blouses are tucked in at all times, therefore, a belt for slacks may be needed.

Grades 1-6
" Boys wear grey twill or corduroy slacks and maroon knit shirts purchased from Donnelly's.
" Girls wear red plaid jumpers, white round collar blouses purchased from Donnelly's and navy blue knee socks or tights.

Grades 7-8
" Boys wear grey twill or corduroy slacks and green knit shirts purchased from Donnelly's.
" Girls wear red plaid skirts, white pointed collar blouses or white oxford shirts, and a green sweater vest purchased from Donnelly's. V-neck sweater purchased from Donnelly's may be worn in place of the vest from December to March only. Dark green knee socks or tights are worn with the uniform.

All Grades 1-8
" Shirts and blouses are tucked in at all times. Boys need a belt to hold shirts in place.
" Sturdy shoes should be worn by both boys and girls. Shoes are to be closed and heel may not exceed 2 inches. No clogs, sling back, or open toe shoes may be worn. Sneakers are worn only on physical education day in Grades 1-8. No backless sneakers may be worn and socks covering the ankle must be worn.
" Hair should be neatly groomed. Fad hair styles are not allowed; this includes the slick down look and hair coloring.
" Visible chains, necklaces, or bracelets are not part of the uniform for either boys or girls unless it is a medic alert necklace or bracelet. Girls may not wear dangling earrings and boys may not wear earrings during school hours or on school property.
" Grey sweaters for boys and navy blue sweaters for girls in K-6 are optional. If a sweater is worn only that purchased from Donnelly's is allowed. Sweaters should be marked for identification.
" Students are not permitted to wear make-up or colored nail polish when in school uniform.
" Girls in Grades 7-8 may wear light make-up on special occasions.

Gym Uniform
" Red tee shirt purchased from Donnelly's, black nylon wind pants, and sneakers are worn on
" Thursday by Grades 5-8 and Friday by Grades K-4. Black gym shorts purchased from
" Donnelly's may be worn from September to mid-October and mid-April to June. Socks covering the ankle must be worn on gym day.

Snack, Lunch and Cafeteria Regulations for School Year 2003-2004

"All students get a snack break in the morning. Please inform the students what they have for morning snack, particularly the kindergarten students. Paper napkin is required for snack in Grades K-4.

Lunch and Cafeteria Regulations for
Full Day Kindergarten - Grade 8

" Two paper napkins or paper towel sheets are required. One is to be opened as a placemat the other to be used for the hands.
" No soda may be brought for lunch because we have the special milk program subsidized by the government. You will receive information on the first day of school regarding the price of milk.
" Students have assigned places in the cafeteria. These are determined by the teachers and the students.
" ONLY NUTRITIOUS lunches are recommended, NO LUNCHABLES or GOGURTS. The Lunchables are high in sodium and preservatives. The students find them difficult to open and usually get them all over themselves and their neighbors. Most of the lunch is then thrown in the trash. The Gogurts are difficult to open and the students get the contents all over themselves as well as their neighbors. It is very difficult to clean out of hair and clothing.
" If you need to bring a lunch, please place the student's name and room number on the lunch bag or box and leave it in the office. The student will pick it up on the way to lunch.
" Please do not buy lunch for anyone but your own child. There are children with food allergies and cultural food traditions so they cannot eat everything. This should not be a regular practice but a treat for a birthday or special day of celebration.
" PLEASE TEACH YOUR CHILD PROPER TABLE MANNERS. Our cafeteria is our dining room and we act in the same way we would in our dining room at home.

Thank you for your cooperation. Please come and help us in the cafeteria during the lunch period. The first lunch is at 11:40 a.m. and the second lunch is at 12:10 p.m.