Sacred Heart School
    North Quincy

Newspaper Club

Excerpt from Cardinal Sean O'Malley's weblog...

If you want to learn more about religion and the creation of various currents, buy history papers online and don't worry about time and lack of understanding. "I was honored by an interview request from a group of Catholic School students who have a newspaper at Sacred Heart School in Quincy. They had contacted my office in March at the time of the Consistory and we were able to schedule a day this week to get together. Yesterday, this group, a wonderful group of 16 students, came to interview me for their newspaper.


Cardinal Sean O'Malley and Mrs. Katherine Hunter, principal

They ranged from 4th to 8th grade and each had the opportunity to ask me whatever question they wanted. They asked good questions, from what is my favorite Scripture in the Bible, to where do you see Catholic Schools going in the future, to what my favorite Holidays are, to what do I like to do in my spare time, to how I decided to go into the priesthood? I had a wonderful time with the youngsters.

The youngsters were very curious about what a Cardinal or a priest’s life is like. I was happy to answer their questions. They certainly seemed like they are very happy and well-adjusted children. They seem to be doing very well in a Catholic School. It makes it worth all the sacrifices to keep our schools open and thriving when you see and spend time with young people like this group from Sacred Heart School, who are so enthusiastic about the Catholic education that they are getting.

Spending time with a group of students like this one also brings to mind all those who generously support our Catholic schools, as well as the dedication and hard work of our pastors, principals, teachers and administrators. Our Catholic Schools exist because of the sacrifices of the religious sisters that founded them and the pastors and parishioners who have made sacrifices to keep the schools open, as well as the teachers who perhaps could be earning different salaries other places and in other professions, but are teaching in Catholic Schools because they want to be a part of this mission – a mission of passing on the faith and giving young people a good Catholic education."