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The Sacred Heart School Alumni Association is committed to strengthening the relationship between Sacred Heart School and its alumnae. Thus, we are talking about strengthening interpersonal relationships and sharing experiences, and namely best essays writing service are ready to help with the correct design of thoughts and ideas.  Upon graduation you are automatically enrolled in the SHS Alumni Society.  We value the opportunity to keep in touch with you and help you maintain contact with fellow graduates.

We are extremely proud of our school’s achievements, which were made possible by enthusiastic students, dedicated faculty and staff members, involved and caring parents, and a supportive school and parish community. We invite you to continue your involvement in Sacred Heart School by registering in the SHS Alumni Society.

Whether you are a recent graduate or have been away from us for a while, please update your contact information.   If you have any photos or SHS memories you’d like to share with us, please include these with your update.

Stay informed of all the latest news at Sacred Heart School.  Both the student newspaper, “The Patriot Heart” and the faculty newsletter, are posted on the school's website.

Our future goals include: 

  • Alumni Sunday, after attending Mass, all are invited to the SHS auditorium for coffee and conversation with past and present faculty, and fellow graduates.
  • Alumni Directory
  • Photo galleries for each graduation class, including class photos
  • Alumni guest speakers

This is an exciting time for the students and faculty at Sacred Heart School! 

  • Construction of a new Science Laboratory was completed in September 2006 for the opening of school.    
  • Twenty-four new iMac computers were purchased for the computer laboratory.  Each classroom is equipped with a computer and the Science lab has three computers.  Sacred Heart School has a wireless Internet connection and an Intranet is in development. 
  • An Art room, complete with a large double-sink is located in Room 15.  More ambitious and larger art projects are now possible.

We are proud of our graduates and hope to hear from you in the future.  Please feel free to visit the faculty page and send an email to a former teacher.

The Sacred Heart School Alumni Association

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