Sacred Heart School
    North Quincy
370 Hancock Street
North Quincy, MA

Administration, Faculty and Staff

The Administration, Faculty, and Staff, at Sacred Heart School, give you our sincere thanks for sending us your child/ren to educate. If your child will face problems during the scientific profession, he can ask do my excel assignment for me and enjoy the results of the inquiries. Together, we work to give example of the Christian values that mean so much to us and which we desire to share with the students. Sacred Heart School's policies and procedures are an aid to help us in our work as educators of the young. Parent/guardian, school, and parish community are called to the mission of education by Jesus when He commissioned us, "Go and make disciples of all nations... Teach them to carry out everything I have commanded you. And know that I am with you always, until the end of the world." (Matthew 28:19‑20)

Katherine Hunter, Principal
Fr. John W. O'Brien, Pastor

, Principal
, Administrative Assistant
, Office Assistant

, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs. Patricia Darrah, Pre-Kindergarten Aide
Mrs. Karen Keohane, Pre-Kindergarten Aide
Mrs. Denise Medeiros, Pre-Kindergarten Aide
Mrs. Elke Scanlan, Pre-Kindergarten Aide

, Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs. Denise Castelli, Kindergarten Aide
Ms. Colleen Stevenson, Kindergarten Aide

, Grade One Teacher
, Grade One Teacher
, Grade Two Teacher
, Grade Two Teacher
, Grade Three Teacher
, Grade Three Teacher
, Grade Four Teacher

, Grades Five through Eight English
, Grades Five through Eight Mathematics
, Grades Five through Eight Science
, Grades Five through Eight Social Studies

Grades Five through Eight Spanish , Pre-Kindergarten through Grade Eight Music
, Grades Four through Eight Art
Youngworld, Kindergarten through Grade Eight Physical Education
R & R Technology, Kindergarten through Grade Eight Computer

, Lunch Program Coordinator
Director of Food Preparation , School Nurse

Mrs. Maureen Burton, Director Kid's Connection Extended Day Program

Mr. Quang Nguyen, Custodian

Parish Staff

, Pastor
, Parochial Vicar
Permanent Deacon
Mr. Howard Lotis
, Music Director

, Business Manager
, Properties Manager
Director of Religious Education
Religious Education Secretary

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